Learning can happen anywhere

Learning environments are more flexible, diverse and technology-driven than ever. That’s what we saw as we traveled across North America doing research about the future of education. We visited 23 colleges and universities, sparking conversations with key stakeholders—students, instructors and facility managers—who told us that inquiry and debate, questions and conversation, and the ability to all grow our minds together (not just from the top down) are all key to the future.

As a result of that research, Fixtures is focused on outfitting the perfect learning environment: flexible and adaptable, supporting technology, encouraging collaboration, and supplying the kind of easy-care durability that are must-haves for high-use schools and corporate training areas.

Fixtures Furniture uses manufacturing processes that are kind to our environment. We conserve, reuse and recycle daily, utilizing six recycling programs. Each of our purchasing decisions is carefully considered to ensure our finished products are free of ozone depleting chemicals.


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