Lansing Economic Development Corporation

Customer The Economic Development Corporation of the City of Lansing (EDC) is a nonprofit organization established in 1976. The EDC’s mission is to create quality jobs, diversify the local economy and improve overall quality of life by attracting, expanding and retaining business and industry in the City of Lansing.


Location Lansing, Michigan

Number of people 9 people within two organizations

Sales Rep Contact Information Jeff Allor / Allor & Associates / 313-882-9410

Designer Contact Information Darcy Pace / Pace Howe Design / 517-204-3242

The need
Leading by example, the Lansing Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) located its offices on the first floor commercial space in the historic Arbaugh Department Store building, which it helped incentivize through historic tax credits and other tax abatement programs. The century-old Arbaugh building proudly stands in Washington Square, the heart of the capital’s business district. The office relocation project also involved Lansing Principal Shopping District employees, who share office space with the Lansing EDC as a convenience to many common visitors and a smart way to cut operating costs. The architectural plans called for trendy new loft apartments upstairs, while the street-level offices with high ceilings would feature a new open office layout. The open work environment was a 180-degree departure from the previous private office set-up. Both organizations needed new office furniture that would encourage collaboration, as well as project the urban Cool Cities image they promoted every day to attract business to Lansing, Michigan.

izzy’s Solution
izzy’s open, collaborative furniture and seating products pay tribute to the historic space, with a contemporary tip of the hat to people of today’s New Workstyles. Award-winning Calvin and Edison help manage workspace power, privacy and storage. Edison is a metal post and beam structure that distributes power and communications throughout the workspace while supporting accessories and storage units. Calvin mobile tambour-door storage units cozy up to izzy’s straight, corner and diamond-shaped Clara work surfaces. Comprised of 50 percent recycled materials, Edison and Calvin are environmentally friendly, sustainable and durable. In addition, Calvin, Edison and all izzyseating products are GREENGUARD Certified for meeting safe indoor air standards. Clara worktables and lateral files with custom granite tops completed the project, providing an unexpected mix of color and material. At the EDC, izzy makes a very cool first impression as a 21st century workspace that’s built to last.

Marchelle Smith - Marketing Director, Lansing EDC
"It made economic sense that we locate into a historic building that we helped incentivize. Having large, expansive windows, our offices faces downtown Washington Square and people can’t help but look inside our new space every day. Even with this very open space, we needed to be able to interact with others as well as have our own dedicated work areas. The izzy furniture is really clean, very cool looking. It’s also very mobile. We’ve already moved the coat racks and drawers to a new place. We don’t have a lot of space - just 2,600 square feet. Even though we share space with another organization, we don’t feel closed in. You can still feel the high ceilings and openness. In order to attract new businesses into the City of Lansing and meet with developers to discuss economic development opportunities, it is extremely important to have an environment that makes a great first impression - a high-tech, urban image, because that’s who we want to appeal to. All I can say is about the izzy furniture is that it’s really cool."

Darcy Pace - Partner, Pace Howe Design
"I knew immediately that izzydesign would be perfect for the Lansing EDC’s open plan because of the flexibility of Clara tables, storage and towers. We saw Edison and Calvin at NeoCon in Chicago and liked the industrial, raised metal look. We did not want the traditional fabric office panel. The furniture had to fit the space. The Calvin storage units are very mobile, and people at the Lansing EDC already have started to move them and switch things around. The Clara tables have laminate tops and soft foam edges, which are so comfortable. We put Clara storage units with veneer drawer fronts in two of the private offices. It’s a simple way to dress up the same product. We painted the walls orange, green, beige and dark navy blue to punch up the color, which you can see from outside the building. The EDC staff loves the space, and is getting used to the wide, open setting. They certainly can collaborate a lot better now."