Better Together

The world was ready for something different

izzy+ is a different kind of furniture company. For starters, our first love is people, not furniture. Everything the company was founded on back in 2001 and everything we do today is all about people. We love individuals, with their unique perspectives, styles, and ideas, but what we love even more is bringing people together to see what level of amazingness will transpire.

Because that’s what happens when people connect—creativity flourishes and visions grow. Learning and sharing are sparked in organic ways. It’s what we call being Better Together, and it’s at the heart of our attachment to certain ideas and words (like inspiration, collaboration, and wellness, to name a few). But we know these concepts don’t mean a thing unless they’re embedded in our design philosophy, evident in our products, and experienced by the people who use them. (Yep—it always comes back to the people.)

“The reason izzy+ exists is because we feel strongly about connecting people so we
can all be better together.”
– Company Founder, Chuck Saylor

The izzy+ family—Fixtures FurnitureHarter, izzy and ABCO—models something we deeply believe in: collaboration. We are Better Together—able to be more creative and meet more needs and opportunities than we can alone. A subsidiary of JSJ Corporation, we’re based in Spring Lake, Michigan, where our facilities bring together great design, advanced engineering and lean manufacturing capabilities.

Not just another furniture here to learn more.

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